All Living Former Presidents Appear In Video Message To Americans (VIDEO)


The destruction of Hurricane Harvey tore houses and families apart in Texas, displacing many who now face the arduous task of rebuilding their lives from the bottom up. In an attempt to garner support for relief efforts, a significant coming together has happened in a new video ad featuring all five living former presidents asking Americans to donate to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Although we may not agree with the politics of the former Republican presidents, seeing them all together, Democrats and Republicans alike, in one video reminds us of the classlessness that lives within the White House currently.

In the video former President Bill Clinton remarked:

‘Hurricane Harvey brought terrible¬†destruction, but it also brought out the best in humanity.’

Former President Barack Obama then explained:

‘As former presidents, we wanted to help our fellow Americans begin to recover.’

Former President Jimmy Carter was then shown saying:

‘Our friends in Texas, including President Bush 41 and 43 are doing just that.’

Both former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush come from the great state of Texas. The younger Bush then made the remarks:

‘People are hurting down here, but as one Texas put it: We got more love in Texas than water.’

The elder Bush then simply said:

‘We love you Texas.’

The video advertisement aired during the first NFL game of the season Thursday night.

The ad is for the One America Appeal, which was described on their website as:

‘…a joint appeal by all five living former American Presidents to encourage their fellow citizens to support recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey – which inundated the Texas Gulf Coast with unprecedented flooding. This special appeal will be expanded to include Hurricane Irma now approaching the mainland United States.’

The website also explained why the presidents decided to launch One America Appeal.

‘The former Presidents were inspired to come together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which unleashed devastating flooding – and spurred thousands of first responders and neighbors into action. More than one million people have been displaced by Harvey, which has caused up to $180 billion in damages to over 200,000 homes over a 300-mile path of destruction.’

Featured image via Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images.