Racist White Trash Attacks Black Men, Uses Trump Rhetoric During Altercation (VIDEO)


Another horrific, racist verbal attack has come to light early Thursday. The attack, which was filmed by the victim, has been going viral due to the profoundly shocking nature of the woman’s remarks.

The victim in this case is the driver of a taxi, along with an innocent pedestrian, who just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The woman, who was allegedly on her lunch break when she began her tantrum, lives and works in Leicester, of the United Kingdom. Perhaps the increased frequency of these sorts of rampages both in America and overseas, is a demonstration of the ways in which President Trump’s outward xenophobia has permeated to embolden not just racists in America, but around the world, increasing tensions among groups.

She began by telling the taxi driver and a passerby that they ought to stay with their “own f*cking breed” and spewing hateful, condescending remarks, calling the driver a “dirty n***er.” Sadly, she uses the exact same rhetoric that Donald Trump has used since his days on the campaign trail. She specifically said:

‘You are lucky you’re in our country… do you know that?!”

The driver calmly responded, no doubt hoping she would re-evaluate her perspective, to no avail. The woman became progressively more and more angry, exploding with apparent reasoning which made absolutely no sense and showed a shocking lack of human decency:

‘Because you shouldn’t be in here why aren’t you in your own… with your own f*cking breed?’

She then accuses the taxi driver of being the cause of the trouble, though it remains unclear whether she meant specifically the altercation, or whether she was referring to some societal problem that she chose to blame on minorities to support her racism. A pedestrian involved himself at this point, as the woman was clearly spiraling out of control, and there were concerns surrounding safety of the driver and all involved quite frankly. Somehow though, its the driver and the pedestrian who are racist, in her opinion.

As a result of the video, the Leicester police are investigating the incident and seeking to identify the woman depicted within it.

It is possible that the woman was under the influence of some substance during this altercation, as she can be heard slurring her words. This all occurred on the roadside of a fairly busy and central part of Leicester where an unknown number of bystanders, including perhaps children could have been within earshot.

Check out the full video below — prepare to be enraged:

Feature Image screengrab via video.