The Reason For Trump’s Hold On DACA Repeal Has Been Revealed & It Is Hilarious


It was announced on Tuesday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that over the next six months the DACA program will be gradually phased out, with hopes that it would give legislators time to work on and pass a new immigration bill.

Many of those covered by the DACA have, undoubtedly, been worried about their status in America. However, the president attempted to put their minds at ease by sending out a tweet, assuring the DREAMers that they have nothing to worry about during the 6 month period allotted to legislators to work on an immigration bill.

Not only did the tweet not give the DREAMers a peace of mind, it wasn’t even the president’s idea.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, spoke to the president over the phone on Thursday about the DREAMers. She suggested that Trump put out a posting on Twitter, to reassure young undocumented immigrants that they are safe, for the time being, and have nothing to worry about.

A Democratic aide stated that Pelosi informed her colleagues at the House Democratic whip meeting on Thursday morning that she had requested the president issue some sort of statement, making it clear that those covered under the DACA program will not be deported within the next six months, as the Trump administration works on phasing the program out.

The terms announced by the Trump administration earlier in the week stated that DACA recipients whose permits are due to expire within the next six months will be able to apply for renewal until early October. However, those covered under the program whose permits run out after March will have to deal with expired permits, unless Congress acts, and quickly.

Pelosi has found herself under extreme pressure from Democrats. They have hopes that she will push for a permanent legislative fix, which would allow young unauthorized immigrant, who have grown up in America, the chance to remain in the United States.

Trump addressed the DACA recipients, and those concerned with the fate of young unauthorized immigrants, on Wednesday and expressed a hope that Congress will be able to do something about the future of those covered under the program.

‘I will tell you, I really believe Congress wants to take care of it. We discussed that also today, and Chuck and Nancy would like to see something happen, and so do I.’

You can check out Donald’s attempt at a reassuring tweet below.

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