Melania Didn’t Make The Cut For Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List & Conservatives Are Livid


Vanity Fair recently released its list of the best dressed people of 2017. Michelle Obama took the second place spot, but there was someone who was absent from the list, and conservatives aren’t very happy about it. None of the Trump family made the list, including First Lady Melania Trump. To be honest, it’s unclear why anyone would care about a list of the best dressed people enough to attack the magazine over it, but apparently, fashion is really important to Trump supporters. Trump fans took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their anger over the perceived snubbing of Trump.

One would think Trump supporters would be more concerned with the president’s handling of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, or the budget deal he made with Democrats. But, instead, they’re focused on a fashion list published by a magazine whose editor has long feuded with Trump so Melania wouldn’t make this list regardless.

Featured image via Getty Images.