Trump Flies Into Early Friday AM Hurricane/Obamacare Rant Like He’s On Drugs


Donald Trump managed for a whole ten minutes on Friday morning to focus his tweets on Hurricane Irma, which may be the largest hurricane ever recorded, before immediately switching focus to bash his own party on healthcare reform.

If there is anything Trump hates, it’s admitting that he failed and that his campaign promises were far-fetched and no more than bluster for the crowds. It will continue to stick in his craw that he was unable to convince Congress to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act with a terrible healthcare plan he could name “Trumpcare” and stick his name on yet another awful product.

Repealing a law that has helped millions of people could greatly harm the positions that many GOP politicians and hold in Congress, and convincing them to sacrifice themselves at the altar of loyalty to Trump is not going to be “so easy,” as Trump promised his rabid rally attendees. He hasn’t quite let that go, but has shifted his focus now to a new plan to cut taxes for his rich friends.

Between his “Federal G” comments to healthcare and taxes, Twitter was on a roll with their response to the president’s tweets.

Featured image via Getty/Alex Wong