Trump Supporter Pulls Gun On Driver In Road Rage Incident & The Reason Is Stupid


One of President Donald Trump’s favorite fall backs is to call out the liberal group Antifa for being violent — as if Trump supporters have never been violent before. However, one Missouri conservative has proved Trump supporters can and will be violent if they are confronted with differing political views.

The Christian County Headliner reported back in August that Edward Keith Burns was arrested and charged for the “unlawful use of a weapon” after he pointed his gun at the head of a woman driving a minivan. The reason he pointed his Smith and Wesson .380? She had political bumper stickers on the back of her van that he didn’t agree with. In fact, the statement reported the action on Burns’ part caused the driver of the van, Laura Umphenour, to lose control of her vehicle and wreck.

‘Edward then pulled a gun from a holster on his hip and pointed the gun at (the victim), telling her to back off. (The victim) was in fear of being seriously injured or killed. (She) then jerked the steering wheel, lost control of her vehicle, struck the front of Edward’s SUV, and slid across the roadway into a guardrail.’

What was going through this guy’s mind to convince him this was appropriate behavior? How did he justify his actions to the police? He didn’t try. He admitted he just thought she was stupid for having different political views than him. He also openly admitted he never feared for his life during the incident.

‘During his confession, he noted several political decals, which expressed a different political view than his own, on the rear of (the) van, which he thought were stupid. Edward indicated at no time was he “scared” of (the victim) and indicated he only displayed the gun in an attempt to stop the road rage incident. Edward said he wanted (the victim) to know not to mess with him.’

Apparently, the incident began with “offensive hand gestures” and then escalated quickly. Umphenour commented she was scared for her life.

‘He pointed it directly at my head – not at my car. I freaked out. I like to think of myself as a pretty bold woman, but I couldn’t hold still. I was shaking so much.’

Burns was arrested on scene and held in jail for several days before he posted a bond of $5,000. He has since appeared before a judge and plead not guilty.

Umphenour has obtained a lawyer and plans to file a civil lawsuit. Her lawyer, David Ransin, commented:

‘This is a very serious and important case in our community because we don’t need hotheads on the highways taking the law in their own hands. And it is the ultimate of distracted driving when you’re going down an interstate focusing on pointing a loaded weapon at another driver and demonstrates a lack of value of other human life both for Laura and for other innocent members of our community.’

Ransin noted that Umphenour did display an offensive hand gesture to Burns, to begin with; however, there is a significant difference between flipping someone off and pulling a gun on someone.

‘…equally poor judgment, but she didn’t pull out a fully loaded weapon and point the barrel at his face.’

Featured images by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.