Video Emerges Of Hillary Talking About Children Of Illegals – Goes Viral In Seconds


Hillary Clinton has been very vocal lately on Donald Trump’s disgusting and cruel position on ending President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Like most issues, Hillary Clinton holds the opposite view of Trump and called for empathy and understanding around the children of undocumented immigrants who literally have no home country to return to should they be deported.

Clinton’s statements on undocumented children have been publicly recorded for years, including her many tweets on the subject, beginning in 2013 and continuing up to the present day.

Unfortunately for Hillary, video has been circulating of an interview she did for CNN with Christiane Amanpour in 2014 in which she sang an entirely different tune on undocumented children entering the United States. At a time when young people were fleeing widespread violence in Honduras and panicked parents were sending their children to safety in whatever ways they could, Clinton vocally supported sending those children, some as young as five or six years old, back into the dangerous situation from which they fled.

In a transcript from CNN, the following exchange is recorded:

AMANPOUR: Should they be able to stay here? It’s safer.

CLINTON: Well — it may be safer but that’s not the answer. I do not —

AMANPOUR: Should they be sent back?

CLINTON: Well, first of all, we have to provide the best emergency care we can provide. We have children 5 and 6 years old who have come up from Central America. We need to do more to provide border security in southern Mexico.

AMANPOUR: So, you’re saying they should be sent back now?

CLINTON: Well, they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are, because there are concerns whether all of them should be sent back. But I think all of them who can be should be reunited with their families.

During the 2016 presidential primaries, Bernie Sanders brought up this exact point, which Clinton denied. In her new book, What Happened, Clinton accused Sanders of stealing her ideas as well as echoing and fueling much of the GOP criticism against her.

What she failed to say in that book is that her opinions too often shifted whichever way the wind blew.

For video of the interview, see below:

Featured image via Getty/John Lamparski