BREAKING: Trump Tower/Wealthy Russian Birth-Tourism Scandal Explodes (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is making a killing as president. When he visited Houston after Hurricane Harvey made mincemeat of the city, he wore a cap emblazoned with “USA.” It just happened to be for sale for the low, low price of $40 in white, red, or camouflage.  Once a salesman, always a salesman it seems, but that is not the tackiest package for sale in Trump world.

Trump Florida properties have opened up a whole new avenue of business geared toward 40 to 60 super rich Russian expectant parents per month. The Trump birth-tourism deal runs through several companies. SVM-MED is a Miami-based company marketing to Kiev and Moscow. It offers expectant Russian couples three different packages and dual citizenship for their newborns. Naturally, the most expensive packages involve Trump accommodations.

At a mere $84,700, the soon-to-be parents get a Trump II apartment complete with a “gold-tiled bathtub” and their choice of a chauffeured Mercedes-Benz or Cadillac Escalade, according to the Daily Beast. Then, there is Status-Med, which markets to expecting parents in both Miami and Moscow. The company offers couples a Trump Royale penthouse apartment for only $7,000 a month. Status-Med works hand-in-hand with the Sunny Medical Center, a clinic, adjacent to Trump’s properties.

Interestingly enough, one name has gained in popularity among the Russian couples. The owner of Status-Med Vera Muzyka said Russian couples prefer Trump properties,” according to the Daily Beast:

‘And also, the name Melania has become very popular.’

Another Florida company, Miami-Boom, markets to wealthy Ukrainian couples, offering condominiums “some of which, like Trump Towers, were created by American multi-billionaire Donald Trump himself!,” reported the Daily Beast. Expectant parents get a two-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartment at Trump Royale. “The same apartment is listed on other real-estate websites for $5,000 a month.”

Wealthy tourist Anatoliy Kuzmin was thrilled to receive his new daughter’s blue U.S. passport, and posted a photo of it and her blue Russian passport photo on Instagram, the Daily Beast reports:

‘Woohoo! Got dual citizenship for my daughter!’

Trump does not make his money off of  the privately owned condo subleases. Instead, he cashes in when the near-parents enjoy his resorts. If only all children born in the U.S. had rich undocumented parents, then Trump would possibly feel differently about them.

Check out this video used to entice wealthy Russian couples to have their children born in the U.S. via YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.