Trump Camp Sends Out Unbelievable Mass Text As Irma Slams Florida (SCREENSHOT)


With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the entire state of Florida, President Donald Trump found it necessary to plug his own interests in an attempt to make a profit off of people’s suffering. From hawking his “USA” baseball caps in every official photo to blatantly requesting donations, Trump knows no bounds of decency.

Image from Twitter

The short link above leads to Trump’s donation page requesting money for his 2020 campaign. Griffin’s tweet was posted on September 8, as Hurricane Harvey survivors were just being allowed to return to their homes and businesses to survey the wreckage, and Hurricane Irma was causing a flurry of activity and evacuations along her projected path.

Image from Trump 2020 Campaign Donation Page

The video is a 30-second ad spot touting the claimed successes of the Trump presidency, which are mostly a result of things that President Barack Obama had in place before the inauguration in January that Trump is just taking credit for. The new fiscal year begins in October – that is when we will actually begin to see the results of the Trump presidency take hold.

From Newsweek:

‘Donald Trump proposed to slash funding for federal disaster relief and emergency preparedness programs just months into his presidency. Now, with Hurricane Irma barreling toward the southeastern U.S. coastline and Houston beginning to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, the first family stands to add to its bankroll during—and in the wake of—major natural disasters striking the United States.’

‘The president still owns his luxury line of hotels, despite shuffling the daily responsibilities to his sons and saying he is committed to the terms of a blind trust he announced after winning the 2016 election. The Trump National Doral resort is one of those properties. Located in Miami, it has seen a surge in reservation requests in the days before the huge storm hits. “We’re at full capacity,” a receptionist tells Newsweek. “Luckily our windows are hurricane-proof!”‘

In the Miami New Times:

‘This past week, an influx of people flocked to Trump National Doral’s gold-filigreed doors, hoping to snag a $200-to-$500 room at the fancy resort before the storm strikes. But as of yesterday morning, front desk receptionists have already begun telling hopeful guests that the hotel is booked.’

‘Less than a mile away, desperate Miamians scramble to buy cases of water bottles, AAA batteries, and canned tuna. The choices are limited — many grocery stores have announced they’re out of stock of even the most basic necessities, and gas is increasingly difficult to find across the region.’

In all pressers leading up to and during Hurricane Harvey, the president was seen sporting a white “USA” baseball cap with “45” embroidered on the side. That wouldn’t be bad, except that the cap is being sold exclusively by Trump for the small (**cough cough**) sum of $40.00.

Image from Twitter

When is enough enough? When will congress get over their obsession with helping this usurper abolish all things Obama and get on with running this country? When will we finally get rid of this man who calls himself our president but does nothing beyond bilking our government and her citizens for every penny he can?

View the ad video below:

Featured image is cropped from official White House photo by Andrea Hanks