BREAKING: U.S. Colonel Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting A 6-Year Old (VIDEO)


David Wilson of North Carolina’s Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, has been found guilty Saturday of sexual assault perpetuated against a 6 year old. Wilson, a 55 year old with over 30 years of military service, acted as a Marine colonel before his position was stripped from him as a result of the proceedings.

According to earlier reports, Wilson was slapped with multiple charges, all similar in nature. From a June 2016 incident, he was charged with three counts of sexually abusing a child and nine counts of conduct unbecoming for an officer. As a result of a December 2016 incident, he was additionally charged with sexual assault, assault consummated by battery and absence without leave.

The former colonel plead not guilty throughout his many court hearings, but today was convicted of one count of sexual assault on a minor, while the other charges were dropped. The alleged assaults took place in Australia, Camp Lejeune and in South Carolina. It is believed that the charge that stuck was one which occurred at Camp Lejeune, as the father of that alleged victim took the stand Saturday.

The father expressed his shock and remorse for the entire situation, claiming that he had viewed Wilson as something of a mentor to him. He certainly didn’t expect his daughter to be assaulted at a gathering, as prosecutors pointed out, and especially not by Wilson.

Wilson for his part, still vehemently denies having assaulted the 6 year old girl, stating:

‘There’s no way. I would die for these girls. Nothing like that would ever happen with me, you know that.’

The closing arguments of the case was reported to have lasted seven hours and was held before a jury, as per Wilson’s request. Wilson has been kept in pre trial confinement at the Brig from January 2017 to present, and was sentenced to an additional 5 1/2 years in confinement as a result of this conviction, on top of dismissal from service.

It seems despite President Trump’s apparent focus on the United States military, he missed the fact that there are bigger fish to fry than trying to eliminate transgender servicemen and servicewomen for no good reason — like removing pedophiles such as Daniel Wilson.

Check out this footage from earlier in this court process below:

Feature Image via screengrab from the video.