Fox & Friends Host Makes Disgusting 9/11 Remarks During Monday AM Broadcast


The president’s favorite television show is at it again. Monday is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in which thousands of Americans died right here at home. Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade offered up his thoughts about the occasion in light of some recent controversies — and most of the country no doubt wishes that he’d kept his mouth shut.

Fox & Friends hosted Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke on Monday, who is set to speak alongside Vice President Mike Pence at the Shanksville, Pennsylvania memorial for those killed on United Flight 93. That flight was on its way to a target that has never been positively identified, since before the plane could be rammed into anything, the passengers stormed the cockpit and took out the hijackers — and the plane — saving untold numbers of lives while sacrificing their own.

On the occasion of a discussion about this remarkable heroism, Kilmeade just had to get in his hyperpartisan two cents. In a question for Zinke, he connected 9/11 memorials to the Confederate memorials that are peppered across the United States and have been coming down in significant numbers recently.

Kilmeade asked:

‘Do you worry 100 years from now that someone’s going to try and take that [Shanksville, PA] memorial down like they’re trying to remake our memorials today?’

Zinke replied by commenting generally about the need to learn from our nation’s history, leaving it unclear whether or not he supports or even cares about the Confederate monuments in question. In his reply to Kilmeade, Zinke also seemed to try and take back the 9/11 memorials from the host’s hyperpartisanship.

Zinke said:

‘I’m one that believes that we should learn form history, and I think our monuments are part of our country’s history. Since we don’t put up statutes of Jesus, everyone is going to fall morally short. I think reflecting on our history, both good and bad, is a powerful statement and part of our DNA… Monuments are not Republican or Democrat or independent. The monuments are a tribute to all of us.’

The issue of Confederate monuments isn’t one of keeping history alive. These monuments are monuments to racism, so taking them down is an attack on racism, not history. Many Republicans are simply simultaneously of the mindset that racism isn’t that bad and anything and everything the left stands for is wrong.

Watch video of Zinke’s Monday appearance on Fox below.

Featured Image via screenshot from the video.