Melissa McCarthy Wins Emmy & Sean Spicer Is Somewhere About To Explode


Melissa McCarthy donned the costume of Sean Spicer in her first appearance spoofing the Trump press secretary on February 5, 2017. From that moment on, she made the world laugh at the absurdities we were seeing played out on our television screens during what should have been real press conferences from the White House Press room. Her brilliant spoofs of the White House press secretary have paid off in a big way this week as she was awarded an Emmy:

‘The actress won an Emmy for best actress on a comedy series at the Emmy’s creative arts awards Sunday.’

The real Sean Spicer entered the fray on his first day, demanding that reporters report the alternative fact that Trump’s inauguration crowd was the largest crowd ever attending a presidential inauguration. Starting your new job by calling reporters “irresponsible and reckless” for reporting on your boss (in other words – doing their jobs) wasn’t exactly a high point in Spicer’s career. That first press conference did set the tone for what we could expect to see out of the Trump administration.

McCarthy joined in with her first appearance as Sean Spicer, aka “Spicey,” on Saturday Night Live. Since then, there has been no looking back. That first skit set the stage for a wonderful run of comedy genius that had the nation in stitches as Rome the United States burned around Nero Trump.

Spicey brought out props to help explain difficult concepts, and of course — picked up the podium and carried it around the room to threaten the reporters and respond with feigned violence to their insanely stupid questions. No actual reporters were harmed in the making of this video.

The next week there was more fun, more gum chewing, and more podium antics. And of course more yelling and screaming, even though Spicey made a resolution to be a new and improved “calm” Spicey. Spicey resorted to using doll props to explain the meaning of “extreme vetting” to the reporters. The second skit brought the podium to life, making it an even more harrowing experience for the reporters in the press room. Rather than Spicey carrying it around the room to terrorize the hapless reporters, it was motorized and scattered reporters to the four walls as Spicey circled the room menacingly.

Week after week, as the real Sean Spicer continued holding press conferences, more skits were added to the playlist. No one was ever disappointed in McCarthy’s portrayal of the week’s highlights.

In July, SNL bid farewell to the Spicey character as the real Sean Spicer resigned from his position and was replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The late night comedy show did not let go of the beloved character without a proper send-off though. The show played clips of Spicey’s most memorable moments as they tweeted “Spicey out.” As reported in The Hill:

‘The piece wrapped with McCarthy leaving the White House briefing room while clutching the mobile lectern, and with Aidy Bryant portraying incoming press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.’

Featured image from YouTube video.