Trump Just Broke His Biggest Campaign Promise & America Is Stomping Mad


Another day, another promise broken by U.S. President Donald Trump. Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has directly benefited financially from the presidency in a multitude of ways, and it seems, despite his impending lawsuits from these shady ethical practises, he has no desire to ease up just yet.

According to a new report by McClatchy, the Trump Organization has officially retained a subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) an entity of the Chinese government, for the construction of Trump World Golf Club Dubai. This project, also known as Akoya Oxygen, is a $32 million contract to build a six-lane road to accompany the building construction. The club is set to open its doors as early as next year, so work on this contract will likely begin immediately.

It was exactly these types of business endeavours that had government ethics watchdogs losing their minds over Donald Trump’s presidential nomination — never mind his victory. In response to the outrage, Trump has consistently swore that the Trump Organization would not enter any new contracts with companies owned by foreign entities due to the obvious conflict of interest it creates. Furthermore, he promised to donate any revenue from existing projects which were done in co-operation with the companies of foreign governments to the United States Treasury.

This Chinese company is not known for its shining ethics either, which only adds insult to injury to the American people. It is the seventh largest company in China, with nearly $130 billion in revenue (2014) yet managed to get themselves booted from any World Bank-financed contracts for financial corruption at the bidding stage for a major roads project in the Philippines.

This news is particularly concerning given tensions between the United States, our allies, and North Korea. The government of China providing direct or even indirect enrichment or building any goodwill with the president is a massive foreign policy concern; this may give China the upper hand in discussions on America’s response to North Korean aggressions.

The chief of policy, programs and strategy at Issue One, Meredith McGehee, expressed similar sentiments, verifying the broken promise(s) and the way in which this fundamentally goes against the founding values of this country:

‘This is not just a concern of good government organizations. It was a fundamental concern of the founding fathers.’

It is also important to recall that President Trump did not enter himself in a fully blind trust in order to distance himself from the financial gains of the Trump Organization and his other endeavours. Instead, he entered himself in a semi-blind trust with the option to withdraw and move funds as he deems fit, when he deems fit, with zero requirement to even notify the public. In the very phrasing of the trust, it states that this account is for his “exclusive benefit,” and retains all power to revoke the trust.

This is frankly another blatant disregard for the Constitution which expresses, in its Emoluments Clause, that no president should benefit directly from holding office and absolutely no gifts, titles of nobility or emoluments from foreign governments (entities) should occur.

How many times does Donald Trump have to slap America in the face before he is finally removed from office?

Feature Image via Getty Images.