Damaging Paul Ryan Conversation Talking Sh*t About Trump Leaked By Congressman; Buckle Up


You know those rare moments in which Republicans seemingly come to their senses and admit that, maybe, some of the policies proposed by party leaders are, quite frankly, insane? It’s as if this fact is suddenly drilled into their thick skulls, or something.

That’s exactly what happened to GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier this year, when he admitted during a private dinner that only “one member” of the House Republicans wanted to see Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border be built.

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO.) spoke with Breitbart News following the dinner, and said:

‘Ryan told a group of Republicans he met with … that only one person wants a wall.’

Tancredo, seemingly not a fan of Ryan based on his comments, reportedly told Breitbart:

‘Of course he means only one person in his entourage and of the leadership. I know several people in Congress who want a wall and I know that there are millions of Americans who want a wall.’

After discussing Ryan, the Congressman went on to add that Republicans are fearful of the negative repercussions that often arise when addressing issues pertaining to immigration, as if they’re somehow the victims in the situation.

‘You have to understand the level of fear that exists in the Republican establishment about this issue.’

Tancredo previously fought to get Congress to take action against illegal immigration, before ultimately seeing little come of his efforts. He explained:

‘The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t want a wall … the pressure is greater from the Chamber of Commerce than it is from the members. That’s the basic problem. It was then. It is now.’

Another GOP member of the House corroborated Tancredo’s story, saying:

‘All this narrative serves to inform is that Ryan’s is making a point of listening to Members and that Members mostly are trying to listen to each other. I believe it is true that support for the wall is not as strong as it needs to be among House Republicans.’

This House member went on to add that, unsurprisingly, many House Republicans lack knowledge of basic American history.

‘Another thing I have noticed is that Members’ knowledge and opinions on immigration seem to only be traceable back to their arrival in Congress. Not many brought much experience or knowledge on the topic with them. 64% swore in January 2011 or later. They only know that which was debated in the Obama era. Some are Never Trumpers. We have work to do.’

As a supporter of the proposed wall, this representative argued that a lack of historical knowledge limits one’s ability to understand how serious the illegal immigration issue is. That said, it also works the opposite way. If Republicans lack basic historical knowledge, then they fail to understand that we’re all immigrants here, and one person isn’t more entitled to call this country home than another. Not only that, but they would maybe sympathize with folks who’ve spent the majority of their lives dreaming of a better life in this country.

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