BREAKING: Knife-Weilding Mental Patient Slashes Through Crowd Of People


Over the last few months, a number of European cities have witnessed horrific attacks, some terror-related and others not. A French city fell victim to one of these attacks on Wednesday afternoon.

In Toulouse, France, a 42-year-old former psychiatric patient attacked seven people on the street — including three police officers — while screaming “Allahu Akbar.” The attacker was arrested shortly after he started lashing out at shoppers in the French city.

According to the Daily Mail, the man “continued to shout Allahu Akbar — Arabic for God is Great — as he was wrestled to the ground before bursting into tears.”

Police told the local media that the officers who detained the man acted “professionally and coolly” in a “delicate situation.”

One witness said about the incident:

‘We were chatting and he jumped on us. He first caught my son and then beat my daughter. We just ran.’

Two of the civilian victims were taken to the Toulouse-Rangueil hospital to be treated for minor injuries. The three injured police officers were cared for by firefighters. No deaths were reported.

French police said that the perpetrator was released from a psychiatric hospital in April. There were initially conflicting reports on whether or not he was armed with a knife, but theĀ latest say he was not.

According to RT, despite the attacker’s cries, the incident is not being treated asĀ terror-related at this time.

A brief video of the arrest can be seen below, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.