Jeff Sessions Slammed With Lawsuit For Not Disclosing Russian Meetings (DETAILS)


The ongoing investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia, spearheaded by special counsel Robert Mueller, has turned up many suspicious connections between various members of Trump’s inner circle.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated, on CNN through a spokesperson for the Justice Department, that he had not disclosed meetings he had with Russians. He claims that the reasoning for this omission was the fault of the Justice Department, because they had told him that he need not include that information.

Many questions were raised about how true Sessions statement was, due to his low credibility. This caused Right Wing Watch, a project of the non-profit People For The American Way, to submit a Freedom of Information Request to the Justice Department and FBI, asking for documents or some form of proof to corroborate Sessions claims that he had been instructed to omit Russian meetings.

Although an application from Right Wing Watch to get their FOIA requests expedited was initially denied, through an appeal the group was granted a fast track for the information. This gave the FBI twenty days to respond to the requests of the Right-Wing Watch.

People For the American Way (PFAW), represented by American Oversight and People For the American Way Foundation, filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday, after twenty days passed with no information from the FBI.

The lawsuit seeks to force the agencies to disclose the instructions that were given to Sessions as he was applying for security clearance.  The new lawsuit, which claims that the FBI is “wrongfully withholding” the information requested and that it be released right away. PFAW President Michael Keegan said in a statement:

 ‘The FBI has acknowledged that Right Wing Watch’s FOIA request is of urgent public importance, yet has failed to produce the required documents in the time required by law.’

Keegan also was sure to stress how important it is for the Trump administration to offer full disclosure as the “investigation for possible improper contacts with representatives of Russia’s government” continues.

‘It is imperative for the American people to know whether the attorney general is speaking accurately about omissions in his security clearance form.’

American Oversight Executive director, Austin Evers, spoke on why getting this proof was important. Evers stated:

‘After omitting his contact with the Russians on his security clearance form and before Congress, Sessions was forced to backtrack each time when that was shown to be false. After that lie, no one should take Jeff Session’s word about what the FBI instructed him, especially where those instructions have directly contradicted the text of the security clearance form itself.

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