New Yorker Reveals Hillary Cover Image That Has Trump Ready To Go Nuts (PHOTO)


On the occasion of Hillary Clinton returning to the front of the nation’s political conversation while releasing her new memoir — called What HappenedThe New Yorker has revealed what cover they would have run had she won the presidency.

The publication shared the image on Instagram, including a caption reading, in part:

‘On Election Night, she expected to give a victory speech. Instead, the next morning, before hundreds of shocked, weeping staffers, she made her way through a hastily drafted message of endurance and gratitude.  As she and Bill Clinton were driven away in their car, she was hollowed out, unable to speak, struggling to breathe: “At every step I felt that I had let everyone down. Because I had.”’

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The magazine revealed the post-election cover it would have run, had Clinton won, in conjunction with the publication of a lengthy interview that David Remnick conducted with the former presidential candidate.

Although she pulled off capturing the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton was unable to pull off a win over Donald Trump, winning more votes overall but failing to capture the population dense Midwest.

Magazine covers have been the venue for an array of important political statements throughout recent months, most of them stating opposition to the president. For instance, a German magazine called Der Spiegel has repeatedly depicted the president in an array of unflattering — to say the least — contexts, including one cover where Trump was depicted as having decapitated the Statue of Liberty.

The president has yet to specifically call out Der Spiegel, but he has made his opposition to unflattering depictions of himself in the media well known.

However, as goes without saying at this point, depicting Trump as Der Spiegel and other publications have is hardly a misplaced gesture. On a very basic level, Trump quite literally had no idea what he was doing going into office. Making everything worse, as he’s proceeded through his months in office, Trump has shown little regard for actually transitioning into a presidential role and figuring out what he’s supposed to be doing, opting to instead stick with the populist demagoguery.

We would not be saying the same thing about the president if Hillary Clinton had been elected.

Featured Image via NBC/ Getty Images