Black Football Coach Tells Students Not To Say ‘N*gger’ & Gets His Life Ruined


A male football coach of color in Roswell, New Mexico, is facing unforeseen consequences after trying to instill good values and appropriate behavior in his middle school students. Thomas Davis, an assistant football coach, confronted students about some appalling behavior he saw on the sidelines.

Davis witnessed the students using the “n-word” with each other on the sidelines and simply stepped in to tell them they shouldn’t be doing that. Thomas Davis, the now ex-assistant coach at Mesa Middle School said:

‘I did what I’ve been trained to do, corral the incident. If you’re not head in charge you take it to the people in charge and let them handle it and that’s exactly what I did.’

So, Davis told the head coach about the students’ behavior before handling the matter himself. The head coach, Gabriel Flores, told him it wasn’t his job to reprimand players. Davis said:

‘What I was taught being a coach for so long is that you gather the situation and you nip it in the bud before it gets any worse. Apparently it didn’t get done that way and that’s when it escalated into something totally different.’

Then, things began to escalate into something Davis had not expected. Davis and Flores got into a scuffle on the field, and the head coach, Flores, called 911. Police came shortly thereafter and asked them to leave the field.

Davis had confronted the students several times already about their casual use of the “n-word.” He said:

‘I’ve addressed it several times with him, I’ve addressed the kids several times.’

Davis was fired for the incident, but addressed it with the school board at a meeting on Wednesday night. He told the board:

‘We teach reading, writing, mathematics and stuff like that, but as educators we need to teach social skills also’

Davis explained how students’ use of discriminatory language has really gotten out of hand. The Vice President of the school board, Ruben James Sanchez, stated:

‘I really wish we had a magic wand and we could fix it right now, but through time you guys planted that seed with us. We’ll look at it, and hopefully we can help everybody out.’

Watch the clip of the coach speaking out at the Tuesday night school board meeting below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube