Bannon, Kushner, And Flynn Held A Secret Meeting That Has All Three In Hot Water


Ever since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the administration and entire White House staff has been attempting to operate within an imaginary cone of secrecy. Unfortunately, they aren’t very good at keeping secrets. In fact, they really suck at it.

Early in his presidency, special counsel Robert Mueller was brought on to investigate possible ties to Russian intermediaries on the part of Trump’s staff and possibly all the way to Trump himself. Mueller continues to dig deeper and deeper, making Trump so uncomfortable that he has threatened to fire the special counsel on numerous occasions.

The problem, and Trump knows this, is that by firing Mueller he is setting himself up for yet another potential charge of obstruction of justice. He already has one possible instance of obstruction involving his firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Little by little, Mueller is uncovering the facts about exactly what has transpired inside the Trump organization. From campaign improprieties to blatant corruption bordering on treason, the Trump administration has collected a long list of potential crimes that are starting to bite them in the patootie. Much of the problem concerns the veil of secrecy that Trump has tried, unsuccessfully, to erect around the White House.

In recent discoveries, a secret meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan was uncovered. The meeting was attended by Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner, and was set up to discuss building a series of nuclear power plants in the Middle East, as reported by BuzzFeed News:

‘Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon met with King Abdullah II while Flynn was reportedly pressing for a controversial, for-profit deal to build nuclear power plants in the Middle East.’

In an email uncovered during the investigation, more detailed plans were discovered for the joint operation between the U.S. and Russia, whereby the two countries would jointly supply Saudi Arabia with nuclear reactors:

Image from Johnson-Copson email

None of the participants in the secret meeting disclosed the meeting on their security clearance application forms, let alone disclose what was actually discussed, but BuzzFeed News reported:

‘Three individuals — one close to Flynn, a second close to Kushner, and a third close to Bannon — denied that the nuclear deal came up in the meeting with the Jordanian king. But the source familiar with the law enforcement document said participants talked about Israeli-Palestinian relations, intelligence sharing between America and Jordan on Syria, ISIS — and the nuclear proposal.’

‘Nuclear plants were to be built in Jordan, Saudia Arabia, and three other countries in the region. In April of last year, the head of Jordan’s design and development bureau, Maj. Gen. Omar Al Khaldi, was copied on emails saying the plan was designed to solidify the region “under a security construct” that would be led “by two superpowers.” The emails were released by the Democratic lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee.’

While information is still being discovered about this budding plan, enough is known at this time to raise suspicions that the Trump administration has been up to some pretty shady dealings since long before the inauguration. As Mueller continues to uncover details, we are hopeful that our Congress does what we elected them to do and that they take the necessary steps to protect our government from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Featured image from Gage Skidmore via Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0.