BREAKING: Mattis And Other Top Generals Stand In Open Defiance Of Donald Trump


The Pentagon announced that military generals are standing in open opposition to one of President Trump’s more controversial orders in a breaking story this weekend.

Recently, Donald Trump announced that he would implement a ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. The ban was widely criticized by veteran organizations and political leaders from both parties, but Trump ordered Defense Secretary James Mattis to implement the ban despite the opposition.

Trump’s order forbids transgender individuals from enlisting in the military, but he left it up to Mattis to determine whether or not those currently serving should be allowed to re-enlist.

The Associated Press reported that Mattis determined that transgender individuals who are already serving in the armed forces will be allowed to re-enlist if they desire.

That being said, Mattis may not have time to finish his study as congressional leaders have spoken out regarding a legislation measure to stop Trump’s ban. The details have not been revealed, but John McCain (R-AZ) has said that he is open to legislation overturning Trump’s order.

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