Mike Pence Implicated In Damning Widespread Scandals By MSNBC; Shady Donations Flow


For all his talk of hiring the best people and knowing how to work with people, Donald Trump’s administration has seen more departures and a higher turnover rate than any in modern history. However, throughout the chaos of this administration, one person has appeared untouched by these events, and that is Vice-President Mike Pence. Or at least that’s the impression one would get from watching most of the media coverage surrounding this administration. Pence, through all of Trump’s childish antics, comes across as the sane adult in the room. To be fair, compared to Trump, Pence almost seems normal, but as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow points out, Pence has been involved in several of Trump’s scandals.

Regarding the first departure, the firing of national security adviser Mike Flynn, Maddow notes that Pence, as the head of Trump’s transition team was warned in writing that Flynn was believed to be on the payroll of foreign governments. Pence took no action to investigate these claims and, of course, Flynn was let go after it was revealed that he had been on the payroll of foreign governments.

Pence also claimed that none of Trump’s officials had any contact with Russian officials during the campaign, but that, of course, is not true. We now know that Donald Trump Jr. and other members of Trump’s team did meet with a Russian attorney with the goal of learning information that could harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

As Maddow points out, Pence is heavily involved in many of the scandals surrounding the ongoing Russian investigation. Of course, that leads to the question of how Pence will pay his legal fees regarding the investigation. Pence is wealthy, but he’s not as rich as Trump. Luckily for him, Pence received an answer in the form of a new set of ethical guidelines released by the White House’s ethics chief. According to these new guidelines, administration officials are now allowed to accept anonymous donations from lobbyists to pay for their legal fees.

For more information regarding Pence’s connection to the various Russia-related scandals, Maddow’s segment can be seen below.


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