Trump Drains College Fund For Top Advisor Like A Criminal Jerk (VIDEO)


Working for the Donald Trump presidential campaign has become a very expensive proposition. Current and former advisers have begun to face real financial hardship as a reward for their efforts. Now, they feel the president has cast them aside and “hung them out to dry.” It is getting bad.

The aggressive special counsel Robert Mueller investigation into the Russian ties to the 2016 presidential election cast a net that has caught a number of Trump associates. Unfortunately, these people do not have billions or even millions of dollars at their disposal. One of them even had to cash out his kid’s college fund to pay the huge legal bills.

A man who worked on the Trump campaign as an adviser, Michael Caputo, said that the consequences of being contacted by congressional investigators have been “very expensive,” according to the Washington Examiner:

‘It’s very expensive and nobody’s called me and offered to help. The problem is, it’s very specialized representation, so it takes a certain type of attorney, and they’re quite competent. And you’ll pay for competency.’

Caputo’s family has been receiving death threats:

‘I have the associate costs of being in the spotlight of a bogus investigation, so I have security costs now. We’ve had to install security. I’ve had to take security precautions at both my home and at my office, and with my children, so these all add up very quickly.’

Caputo believes the Russian probe is purely politically motivated and unnecessarily costly:

‘This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for people, and that’s where destroying people comes in.’

A second campaign worker thinks the president “has hung us out to dry.” This adviser has paid thousands of dollars for his legal expenses. Attorneys can cost up to $500 an hour just to collect documents requested by investigators:

‘Multibillionaire Donald Trump has a moral obligation to pay the mounting legal bills of his advisers who are facing four-, five- and six-figure costs just for doing their jobs. After all, the reason Trump advisers have any legal bills at all is because Trump and key spokespersons like Hope Hicks and Kellyanne Conway repeatedly misled the public over Russia contacts, no matter how benign. Such lies gave congressional and federal investigators, let alone the media, probable cause to destroy our lives at will. Some reward for loyal service to President Trump.’

Trump appointed a new head of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE). Protocol has changed now, and lobbyists can give money to White House staffers’ legal defense funds anonymously. Unfortunately, that does not help low-profile staffers, who fly below the lobbyists’ radar.

Check out this video of  Mueller’s expanding investigation via YouTube.

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