Turnout For Trump’s “Mother Of All Rallies” Released; Results Will Make Donald Cry


When Donald Trump, TV personality, decided to run for president, may were against the idea. As he continued his campaign, more and more people become averse to the then soon-to-be president. Despite how heinous the man may be, he did have some support initially, enough so that he went on to become President of the United States.

However, support for the president has taken a nose dive as of late. In light of Charlottesville, and the president’s refusal to properly denounce white supremacy and his choice to phase out the DACA program, many of Trump’s initial supporters have taken a step back.

A pro-Trump demonstration was recently organized, and dubbed the “Mother of all Rallies.” The rally, however, did not live up to its name. Despite advertising the rally as the “Woodstock of Rallies,” the event only saw a turnout of approximately 1000 supporters of the president, while the event coordinators expected the turnout to be closer to the million mark.

Maybe the president should take this as a sign that he is rapidly losing support, and step down as president. One can only dream.

Twitter users, of course, had a field day with the low turnout of the rally.

Featured Image via Getty Images

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