Pictures Of Trump In A Dress Just Went Viral In The Most Amazing Way Ever (IMAGE)


Donald Trump has a problem with women. His problem is that he frequently makes sexist and misogynistic comments regarding women. This was most prominently on display during the 2016 presidential campaign where he attacked Hillary Clinton for her look and appearance.

Of course, some might argue that such attacks were pure politics. Though, we would argue that such tactics, politically motivated or not, were still sexist as many of the criticisms regarding Clinton’s appearance would not have been used against her husband, for example. However, even if we were to accept that all’s fair in politics, that does not explain his Oval Office directive mandating that women who work for him “dress like a woman.” Many people saw the comments as sexist and indicative of Trump.

When the memo was leaked, many people weren’t sure what Trump meant by “dress like a woman.” However, it eventually came out that Trump prefers the women who work for him to wear dresses. Apparently, they’re allowed to wear jeans, but only if they ” look neat and orderly.” That very statement strikes us as rather condescending as if Trump is implying that woman working in the White House wouldn’t know that they should iron their jeans. Furthermore, it’s also rather hypocritical because Trump himself does not always look “neat and orderly.” For heaven’s sake, Twitter had a field day when he met with a senator while wearing a mismatched suit and slacks. It was rather embarrassing and made Trump look even more hypocritical than usual.

However, one artist took her frustration with Trump’s sexism and channeled it into something positive and artistic. Jet Nijkamp recently released a series of drawings entitled “Dress Like A Woman.” These drawings feature Trump dressed in the type of clothing he thinks his female staff should wear. It’s an amusing way to call Trump out for his sexist and outdated ideas.

The images can be seen on the Independent, and there are more at Bored Panda, but we’ve included one below to give you an idea of what you’re in for. Though we recommend checking them all out as Nijkamp does a great job.

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