Trump Brags About His Military Power In Sunday AM Rant Like Man With Tiny Penis


Donald Trump is a man all about being ostentatious. From his gaudy, over the top home design preferences to his persona itself, this natural inclination is present in every part of what we know about the man. His narcissism often gets overlooked as people focus on the ruin he reaps across this country, but what many seem to miss is that many of these moves are directly because of it.

The fact that the United States has tense relations with its allies under President Trump is primarily due to his narcissism and conduct, and even more concerning — the fact that he feels the need to continually poke the bear that is Kim Jong-un of North Korea is also almost certainly caused by it. A military conflict between North Korea and the United States has, in the last few weeks, become a greater threat due to the aggressive and irresponsible statements of Trump in recent weeks and months.

Sadly, this is probably not the only potential military conflict on the table for Trump. Whatever serves his purpose to distract the American population from the investigation into Russian collusion will do just fine.

Sunday morning he proved again what a belligerent bull in a china shop he is and how dangerous that really is. He sent out the following tweet, taunting America’s would-be enemies:

‘Important meetings and calls scheduled for today. Military and economy are getting stronger by the day, and our enemies know it. #MAGA’

No, Trump. Put simply, you’re tarnishing everything this country holds dear in terms of values, and your obsession with boasting about the U.S. military needs to stop. It’s going to get America into yet another useless war, and you’re gambling the lives of real Americans (read: not draft dodging cowards, such as yourself).

Twitter users weren’t buying into Trump’s propaganda this morning either, check out these responses:

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