Angry DACA Protesters Force Nancy Pelosi To Flee Press Conference (VIDEO)


Apparently activists are not happy with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

That was made clear Monday, when an attempted press conference by the House Minority Leader was hijacked by chanting protesters who refused to let her speak. Facing chants of “Democrats deport!” and “all of us, or none of us!”, the California Democrat stuck it out for 30 minutes before leaving. The protesters are upset about Nancy Pelosi’s intention to work with White House occupant Donald Trump on a legislative solution for DREAMers who benefited from DACA.

Social media users were able to capture videos from the event:

She eventually left, unable to speak:

While it’s obvious that the protesters do not support the ongoing negotiations with Republicans, it’s unclear what they would support. Nancy Pelosi, for her part, thinks they should support the Dream Act, which she is working to pass. Because Democrats are the minority party in the House and Senate, and Republicans occupy the White House, the negotiation position from Democrats is weak. While they could likely obstruct Republican proposals, the previous protections for immigrants who came to our nation as children — DACA — existed under presidential authority. Donald Trump has rescinded DACA and put a six month deadline on finding a legislative fix. That means that if no solution is found, it will be 100 percent up to Donald Trump — the guy they don’t want Pelosi even talking to — what happens to them.

Democrats should take this as a warning of the perils associated with working with Donald Trump, one of the most widely disliked presidents in history. Although it’s hard to see how the country would operate without legislative compromise, Democrats who work with Trump’s Republican party will need to keep a careful eye on the optics. Being seen as complicit in the Trump agenda could have massive consequences for the minority party come 2018 elections. There are a couple ways this could happen — party activists could set up primary challenges for establishment Democrats, directly attempting to punish them. Or, apathy could take over the voter base, resulting in low turnout and thus, disaster.

One thing is for sure — the prospect of anti-Democrat protests just made immigration policy issues that much more complex.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images