Crazy Trump Administration Paranoid W.H. Officials Are Wearing Wires For Mueller


The White House officials are seeing shadows everywhere they look. Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Donald Trump campaign ties to Russia has escalated, the atmosphere has become very tense. Trump said he would increase jobs, but few expected it would be in the attorney market. Senior and not-so-senior White House officials have hired representatives, but their trust is gone. They fear a potentially real but invisible threat.

Officials are worried that the person next to them could have cut a deal with Mueller’s team and might be wearing a wire for his investigation. The probe linking the presidential campaign to Russia has become hot, and nerves are on edge as White House Counsel Don McGahn and attorney Ty Cobb told the New York Times Sunday.

Mueller’s investigation is deep into Russian attempts to swing the 2016 presidential election for Trump. It is also checking out possible obstruction of justice charges for the president’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey. The team wants all emails and related documents.

On Cobb’s recommendation, the White House is handing Mueller all involved documents, but McGahn feels that action could cause this and future administrations untold problems.

Cobb said that he has broken the investigation’s request into 13 different categories, but would go no further into details. The administration has admitted that it has not refused any request from the probe, thus far. Cobb has contended that the White House should be as forthcoming as possible. Why? The attorney says that the president is not guilty.

On the other hand, McGahn worries that turning over all the documents and emails might leave the president limited executive privilege. He is clearly worried about Cobb’s actions. Unfortunately, McGahn needs his own attorney, because Mueller may well consider him a witness for the prosecution. The investigation wants to talk to him about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian attorney who said she had dirt on Hillary Clinton. There are also questions about the events that led up to firing Comey.

Although McGahn claims he will cooperate with the investigation, he could be looking at losing his legal license. His attorney wants to know if Trump Sr. will use executive privilege or attorney-client privilege.

Check out this video of the ever-expanding Mueller probe below via YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Alex Wong.

H/T: New York Times.