Dan Rather Responds To Sean Spicer’s Emmy Appearance With Pure Anger


On Sunday night, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a cameo at the Emmy’s. During his brief appearance, he came out on a rolling podium similar to the one used by Melissa McCarthy used during her parodies of him on SNL. Spicer also referenced one of the frequent “alternative facts” he shared while working for Trump by boasting that Sunday nights Emmy awards would feature the biggest crowds ever both in person and watching worldwide.

Many people were amused by Spicer’s cameo, but there was one person who found the former Press Secretary’s cameo to be distasteful. Veteran journalist Dan Rather took to his Facebook page to give his thoughts on Spicer’s cameo. He warned that there was nothing funny about Spicer’s role in Trump’s war on facts.

‘I am pleased to see that there has been substantial criticism and consternation about the appearance of the former press secretary Sean Spicer at the Emmy Awards last night.

It is not funny that the American people were lied to.

It is not funny that the press was attacked for doing its job.

It is not funny that the norms of our democracy have been trampled.’

Rather said that he does not know Spicer’s motivations or thoughts on his time while working for Trump, but feels that the work Spicer did should not be normalized or treated as a joke. He argued that bipartisan camaraderie and friendly joking is normally a good thing, but that Trump’s administration is different than ones we’ve seen in the past.

‘I do not know Mr. Spicer or what is in his heart. But to actively serve in the capacity in which he did, and the manner in which he conducted himself, can not be allowed to be normalized. Actions must have consequences.

…But this is different. We are still in the midst of an administration that actively lies to the American people. We do not know where this is all going. There are looming criminal investigations.

To have Sean Spicer now lead us in laughter about all this makes me uneasy.’

For more information, Rather’s full post can be seen below.

Featured image via Getty Images.