Govt Ethics Office Releases Report Detailing Trump’s Finances & Donnie May Go To Prison


Chief Counsel Robert Mueller has been following the money in his Trump-Russia investigation, and that has led him right up to the smelly garbage at Donald Trump’s back door. Now, the U.S. Office for Government Ethics has released a report detailing the president’s finances, and it indicates that the man in the Oval Office may have been involved in Russian money laundering.

The Ethics Office’s 98-page report goes into great deal about 45’s finances, and it shows that he is in serious debt to both domestic and foreign banks. Not only that, but one of those banks is up to its neck in Russian scandals.

Trump owes money to the German-based Deutsche Bank, which has been caught in long-term Russian money laundering. Although Trump has been a poor credit risk with his repeated commercial real estate bankruptcies and domestic banks now spurn him, this bank continues to hold his loans. Deutsche Bank continued to do so even after it became less than financially secure itself. So, the question arises: are these so-called loans simply covers for Russian money laundering through Trump’s business?

The president currently holds four different loans from Deutsche Bank. He took three of them out in 2012, but the last was taken out just in 2015, according to the report. This loan was to construct the much-touted Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. in the renovated old Post Office Building. The hotel opened the month before Trump was elected president and continues to be a source of ethical questions regarding his profits from his position as president. A number of foreign countries have moved their business to this hotel in hopes of garnering presidential notice.

The Russian money laundering bank loaned 45 this huge long-term loan on the precipice of his presidential campaign. Then, the Trump campaign brought on a minimum six senior advisers with close connections to the Russian government. Of course, that does not prove that Russia offered Trump the presidency in return for laundering its money, but it does make one wonder.

The Ethics Office’s report also proves that Donald Trump is making money off of his presidency, which is in direct conflict with the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

Check out this video of Donald Trump’s relationship to DeutscheBank via Reuters:

Featured Image via Getty Images.