Trump’s Attorneys Leak Information About Location Of Russia Investigation Docs


Donald Trump has frequently attacked the Russian investigation as a waste of time and money. At one point, he even compared the inquiry to a “witch hunt.” However, despite Trump’s vocal insistence, the investigation continues unabated and it’s taken a new turn thanks to a conversation overheard by one of The New York Times’ reporters.

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Apparently, a reporter overheard one of Trump’s attorneys talking about the case and they mentioned something interesting. Ty Cobb, one of the attorneys working the Russia case, mentioned that White House counsel Don McGahn had some documents locked in a safe.

‘The White House counsel’s office is being very conservative with this stuff. Our view is we’re not hiding anything.’

In reference to McGhan, Cobb said that “he’s got a couple documents locked in a safe.” Cobb also said that he felt the documents should be handed over to Robert Mueller, but stated that he saw no reason to turn them over to Congress.

‘If we give it to Mueller, there is no reason for it to ever get to the Hill.’

As interesting as this is, we have little information regarding the nature of these documents. While it is certainly interesting to speculate that they might contain some sort of smoking gun, we should not get ahead of ourselves. If there was truly a smoking gun tying Trump to Russia, we doubt he would let anyone outside of himself, his family and, perhaps, his personal attorney see it.

That being said, there is probably something relevant in these documents that could aid Mueller’s investigation. We just don’t expect it to be the singular document that ends Trump’s presidency. That being said, it is interesting that Cobb was open to handing the documents over to Mueller, but not Congress.

Regarding the apparent tension between himself and McGhan, Cobb explained that such conflicts were to be expected over issues relating evidence.

‘Assertions of privilege are the exception to the rule that the law is entitled to every man’s evidence, and in this instance it is critical in our judgment that the president be fully transparent with the special counsel in this inquiry. All this is getting worked out in a professional manner.’

As of right now, we don’t know what those locked documents contain, but it is likely that Mueller will be getting his hands on them soon.

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