JUST IN: Jeb Bush Defects From GOP & Trump; Issues Stunning Statement To America


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is less than satisfied with the Trump administration.

In remarks to the United Against Nuclear Iran conference, which took place not far from where Trump was speaking to the United Nations, Jeb Bush assaulted Trump’s foreign policy (or lack thereof). Referring to Trump’s habit of conducting diplomacy via twitter and rapidly changing positions with no real coherency or consistency, Bush said, “At some point the president is going to have to go from this ad hoc diplomacy, or whatever the foreign policy is, to something that’s clear and coherent. Because at the end of the day, too much chaos, and being unreliable, creates real dangers.”

McClatchy’s DC bureau has more:

As Trump mocked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a ‘Rocket Man’ who is ‘on a suicide mission for himself,’ Bush opted for the traditional if overused term ‘rogue nation,’ noting that Pyongyang needs ‘to be called out.’

As Trump glossed over threats from Russia to focus on other adversaries, Bush referred to Moscow as a ‘curse for President Trump’–remarks that come as Trump’s White House grapples with probes into Russian influence in the 2016 election and possible ties to his campaign.

And as Trump leaned into his longtime campaign message of ‘America First,’ Bush warned of dangers when the U.S. leaves ‘a void,’ embracing the more internationalist view the Republican Party has recently represented, until now.

Unfortunately for the nation, it’s hard to see why White House occupant Donald Trump would “have to go from this ad hoc diplomacy.” There is very little incentive to do so. First, there’s a good chance that Trump can’t actually do anything other than what he’s doing. He’s not a complex guy. With Donald Trump, what you see is what you get — an overgrown manchild with too much money and too much power, too thin of skin, too little empathy, too little intelligence, who thinks that “president” means king. He doesn’t have a long enough attention span to craft real policy or conduct real diplomacy. He’s the American cheese of presidents. It’s not going to get any better.

Second, Bush’s statements seem to come from a well-meaning — if naive — place, where he thinks that Trump would ever, in any situation, put the country first. He won’t. For Donald Trump, there is nothing that takes precedence over Donald Trump. “What’s best for the country” is not a thought that ever enters his head, except as a good line to say at a rally to lemming-like fans. Bush goes on to express optimism because of the “generals” around Trump, as well as other establishment staffers. Aside from firing staff, the generals have shown they have very limited power to curb Trump’s impulses.

Jeb Bush has never supported Trump, and has never been able to understand why other people do. That’s why although his attacks on Trump are legitimate, the things he thinks will happen probably won’t. He has consistently overestimated Republicans and Republican constituents, and this speech is only a continuation of that trend. Please clap.

Featured image via Jonathan Alcorn/Getty Images