JUST IN: Mike Pence Caught In Paul Manafort Wiretaps


Vice President Mike Pence comes across as the epitome of goodness wearing his strong religious right views, but is he? As the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s and Congress’ investigations continue to pound forward, much of the spotlight has focused on others. Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and Donald Trump, Jr. are among those at the top of the list. Yet, Pence’s involvement may be deeper than anyone realized.

Manafort supposedly left the campaign in August of 2016, but it appears that Manafort continued to work in tandem with the VP on staffing issues after Pence took over the transition team. A former campaign official who was closely tied to Manafort told The Daily Beast:

‘When they’re picking a cabinet, unless he contacts me, I don’t bother him. It’s a heady time for everyone. I think he’s weighing in on everything. I think he still talks to Trump every day. I mean, Pence? That was all Manafort. Pence is on the phone with Manafort regularly.’

Manafort has kept to the shadows since he formally retired from the campaign. Yet, he has been especially involved with Pence when it comes to any determination that would affect his own business relationships.

Pence and Manafort communicated regularly. Given that the former campaign chair was under a FISA surveillance warrant, in the latter part of 2016, law enforcement would have caught up to Pence, too. This is especially serious since the VP has lied numerous times in an attempt to cover up the Trump campaign ties to Russia. He could potentially be as guilty as Manafort.

The former official explained to The Daily Beast why Manafort weighed in to such a degree with the vice president:

‘A guy like Manafort tries to make sure that the government is as comfortable for business as possible. He wants names he knows on every door. He’s not worried as much about who’s the secretary of HHS as he is about who’s the secretary of HUD.’

A second Trump campaign official who was also closely tied to Manafort told The Daily Beast that the former campaign manager was still “heavily involved in selecting the incoming administration’s ‘personnel picks.'” Manafort has refused to acknowledge his involvement with Pence and before that the transition team. According to The Daily Beast, he said:

‘I don’t want to get into that. I’m here to talk about the campaign, I don’t want to talk about transition.’

Check out this video of Mike Pence’s background via The Thinker Twitter page:

Featured image via Getty Images/Jeff Swensen.