JUST IN: Trump Approval Polls Are In; Results Show Historic Recent Plunge


Since coming into office, President Trump has made it well known that he owes no allegiance to anyone, not even to the political party that catapulted him into office. A stunning recent analysis revealed that the president literally spent more time throughout recent weeks publicly criticizing Republicans than he spent criticizing Democrats.

In a Huffington Post poll, it’s been revealed┬ájust how detached Trump and his base are from mainstream political concerns.

When Congress reconvened this fall, one of the first items up on the agenda was funding the government. Democratic leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi proposed a three-month debt ceiling increase and government funding measure to keep the government open while Congresspeople hash out their differences over what they want funded and what they want not funded — and remarkably, the president signed onto their plan. Republicans — torn between turning the president’s ire upon them and keeping themselves on good terms with his base — went along with it.

A new poll of Trump voters shows that a majority of the president’s base is actually with the president on this, choosing his side over that of Congressional leaders Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Paul Ryan, who expressed discontent with the short period between now and when they will again have to face questions of what to fund and what not to fund.

Rather than what HuffPost described as the expected non-committal response from poll respondents as to whether or not they support the president extending the debt ceiling for three months and three months only, a majority of Republicans — 62 percent to be exact — said that they supported the president’s decision. Only 18 percent of Republican poll respondents said that they opposed the move. The difference was somewhat more pronounced among just those who voted for Donald Trump, with 69 percent of them supporting the president’s deal and 14 percent opposing it.

Perhaps the belligerent businessman was onto something when he quipped some time ago that he could shoot someone and not lose support.

Check out a graph summarizing the poll respondents’ answers below.

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As yet another indicator of the divide between Trump’s base and the rest of the political arena, the latest round of polling from HuffPost has only 42 percent of Trump voters saying that “most or all of the Republicans in Congress generally support the president.”

It remains to be seen just how successful — or not — the fall Congressional session is with the divide between the president’s camp and Congress in mind.

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