Nikki Haley & Rex Tillerson’s Shocked Faces Captured After Trump’s U.N “Rocket Man” Blunder


When President Donald Trump called North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” in a tweet recently, many criticized him. Many others also rolled their eyes. It was expected behavior from the president, though. No one will ever be able to tame his tweeting. However, when he actually called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” in front of the General Assembly at the United Nations during a really important, serious speech, it was one of those moments America collectively face palmed while shaking their hands calling on Jesus to take the wheel.

Trump haters weren’t the only ones who weren’t too thrilled with the president’s namecalling at the United Nations. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s faces say it all. This image was captured during Trump’s speech when he called the North Korean dictator “Rocket Man.” Their faces are priceless. Tillerson looks painfully constipated, and Haley has got the look of an exasperated mom of a wild toddler.

Image via Twitter.

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Featured image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.