Trump Caught Mass Mailing Supporters Begging For Cash To Build The Border Wall (IMAGES)


Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has taken an interesting turn.

Apparently accepting the wall is never going to be built, the campaign has taken to begging supporters for cash to ostensibly build the wall. How that money would contribute to building the wall is unclear, since the cash taken in by the campaign will be used for campaigning.

Here’s the donation page for his campaign:

trump3 Trump Caught Mass Mailing Supporters Begging For Cash To Build The Border Wall (IMAGES) Donald Trump Immigration Top Stories

We will BUILD A WALL (not a FENCE) along the southern border of the United States of America to help stop illegal immigration.

Liberals in Congress and the Fake News media need one more reminder that building the wall is non-negotiable.

Contribute now and together, we WILL Keep America Safe!

An intelligent Trump supporter might ask, “How will funding Trump’s 2020 campaign get the wall built? Isn’t that what he campaigned on in 2016? Wasn’t Mexico going to pay for it?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many of those to be had.

Despite Trump saying that “liberals in Congress and the fake news media” need reminding the wall is “non-negotiable,” it turns out the wall is actually exactly that — negotiable. And despite Trump thinking he’s king dealmaker, negotiations are not going well for him. The wall is not a priority to anyone but Trump’s core base. It won’t “keep America safe” — immigrants commit crime at a lower rate than natives anyway. If he wants to “keep America safe,” he could start by disavowing his white supremacist supporters that represent the biggest terror threat in the country.

That means that as long as the wall continues to remain a dream, the only person it’s hurting in Washington is Donald Trump. Do you think Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are going to face negative political consequences if the wall remains unbuilt? Not a chance. In fact, Pelosi is facing attacks from activists for even thinking of working with Trump at all.

And opposition is not just coming from the “fake news” media and Democrats, either. Even Republicans don’t support a wall along the entire 1,954-mile length of the southern border. What is the point of building a wall across rough terrain six hours from the nearest road? Trump’s proposed wall won’t stop anybody from entering the United States and simply doesn’t make fiscal sense.

With net immigration already near zero and most immigrants overstaying visas, immigration as a threat to domestic stability simply does not exist the way Trump’s supporters believe it does. And even if there was, Trump’s wall wouldn’t fix the problem anyway.

That hasn’t stopped Trump from playing games with the lives of hundreds of thousands of young American residents to try and get funding for his wall, though. The White House’s current stance is that any legislative solution for people affected by the rescinding of DACA must include funding for his pointless border wall. These youth, who may not have been born in this nation but grew up here and form a part of our national tapestry, are being cruelly held hostage by the White House.

If Trump could admit his leadership failures and swallow his undeserved pride, he would recognize the wall is an ineffectual and useless campaign lie, and that deporting — or even threatening to deport — hundreds of thousands of young people this country has invested in presents far more danger than undocumented immigrants ever did.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images