BREAKING: Top Trump Aide Resigns – White House Crumbles (DETAILS)


The Trump Administration is falling apart. Thanks to a combination of factors, there seems to be a never-ending stream of departures from D.C. — and now, this week, there is another name to add to that list.

Longtime top Trump aide Keith Schiller has reportedly officially left the White House after maintaining for some time that he was planning on doing so.

His departure comes amidst an array of departures that can be traced back to the president’s new chief of staff, retired Gen. John Kelly. Kelly has moved to clamp down on the “Trump-ian” aspects of the White House since assuming his role, working to streamline government operations and slash those components in the administration that represent the volatility associated with the president’s persona.

Other political casualties of Gen. Kelly’s efforts include Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.

Schiller has worked for Trump for almost twenty years, serving as the businessman’s director of security until assuming the role of director of Oval Office operations upon his boss’ inauguration. Schiller was the only Trump bodyguard to stay on once the belligerent businessman left private life and ran for public office.

Schiller was reportedly unhappy with the pay cut he took upon joining Trump’s White House, although notably, earlier this month, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted Schiller was planning on staying in the administration.

Featured Image via Nicholas Kamm/ AFP/ Getty Images