Melania Gives Ridiculous Anti-Bullying Speech To The U.N. & Twitter Loses It (VIDEO)


Melania Trump gave a speech to the UN today, and it sure was fascinating.

The focus was on bullying, which considering Melania’s role as a partner to the biggest bully in the world, is…interesting.

She starts off saying:

‘The most important and joyous role I ever had is to be a mother to my young son. And, what could possibly be [a] more essential focus in everyone’s life, than that of loving, educating, and bringing up our next generation to be happy, productive, and morally responsible adults?

Emphasis mine. Donald Trump, who does not parent his own children, is not exactly a fantastic example of a great parent. And if you’re going to talk about “moral responsibility” and bullying, you might not want to be married to somebody who admits to sexual assault and is most known for, well, bullying.

She then said:

‘Together, we must acknowledge that all too often, it is the weakest, most innocent, and vulnerable among us — our children — who ultimately suffer the most from the challenges that plague our societies. Whether it is drug addiction, bullying, poverty, disease, trafficking, illiteracy, or hunger, it is children who are hit first, and hardest, in any country. And as we all know, the future of every nation rests with the promise of their young people. If you look at the present state of children in any society, you will see the future our world can expect tomorrow.

Show me your civil lessons of today, and I will show you your civil leaders of tomorrow. Show me your history lessons of today, and I will show you your political leaders of tomorrow. Show me the loving bonds between your families today, and I will show you the patriotism and moral clarity of your nation tomorrow. Our choices on how we raise and educate our children will in fact provide the blueprint for the next generation.’

Sounds good, right? Sounds like a speech that Donald Trump should probably watch. Social media users were quick to come after the First Lady for her blatant hypocrisy, as seen below:

You can watch Melania Trump’s full speech below, courtesy of PBS:

Featured image via John Moore/Getty Images