Woman Caught On Camera Attacking Veteran Over Service Dog In Restaurant (VIDEO)


There remains a long way to go towards veterans being respected in the United States as much as they should be, and although the whole issue is not entirely tied to the Trump Administration, our belligerent president is certainly not helping. Although he tries to cast himself as an advocate for veterans, he most certainly is not, disrespecting them repeatedly on both a personal and a policy level.

In a video that has been viewed what’s approaching a quarter of a million times, a belligerent patron of a Delaware restaurant — Delaware City’s Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant, to be exact — can be seen taking after the president quite well and ranting and raving because a veteran had his service dog inside the establishment. It’s not as though the legislation allowing individuals served by such animals to bring them into restaurants is new, but that didn’t stop this lady from freaking out anyway.

The video opens with the angry customer yelling, “I’m leaving because the food is nasty and there is a dog!” She’s like the real-life version of those people on social media who have to make a big deal out of every time they leave a group of some sort instead of just leaving.

Someone behind the counter of the restaurant attempted to reason with the lady, noting that the veteran had fought for the United States and thus deserved some respect, and boy did that set the angry patron off. She began to shriek about how nasty she found the fact that there was a dog in the restaurant to be. For what it’s worth, the dog seems to have been short-haired and thus not as dirty as it could be — it’s visible in the video, which was apparently posted by the owner of the restaurant — and the dog is most certainly much more level-headed than the angry customer.

Judging from the lady’s comments, the restaurant staff seems to have approached her after seeing her in a huff over the dog.

It’s almost comical once she finally realizes she’s being recorded and rants directly at the camera.

Check out the video below and take note, it contains explicit language. Even the veteran tried to reason with the lady, but it didn’t work.


Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.