ICE Agents Caught On Video Racially Profile Man After Following Him From Court


Shocking video has surfaced of a hispanic man and his wife being cornered by several ICE agents in what appears to be a blatant case of racial profiling.

According to The Oregonian, Isidro Andrade-Tafolla was leaving the Washington County Courthouse with his wife when several people jumped out of a van and began asking him for his identification.

Andrade-Tafolla spoke to The Oregonian, and explained:

‘They never identified themselves even when my wife and I kept asking who they were and why they wanted my information.’

Andrade-Tafolla told the ICE agents his name but refused to hand over his ID. He was then showed a photo of a undocumented immigrant and told that they believed he was the man in the photograph, from all appearances simply because they both looked Latino.

The couple, who became understandably agitated as more agents surrounded them, both tried to tell the ICE agents that he was not the man in the picture but they refused to listen.

One man, who was wearing an ICE vest, eventually approached Andrade-Tafolla and his wife, scanning the photograph and informing the agents that they had incorrectly identified the man they’d been harassing as the wanted man.

The agent saying simply:

‘That’s not him, let’s get out of here.’

The Oregon chapter of the ACLU has said that the incident was an obvious case of racial profiling. Adding:

‘ICE can’t just go around stopping anyone who looks Latino and asking them to show their papers. This is America.’

Andrade-Tafolla has said that he is glad he spoke out about the incident and thinks that it’s important to let people know that “it can happen to anyone.” He came to the United States from Mexico in 1981 when he was only 10 and became a citizen in 1996.

ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice, who refused to respond to comments made about the incident, simply said that the officers who interacted with Andrade followed procedure correctly.

‘In this instance, our officers went to a specific location seeking a particular individual and interacted with someone whom they believed resembled our arrest target.’

You can watch a video courtesy of The Oregonian in the youtube video below:

Featured Image via Getty Images