BREAKING: St. Louis Galleria Mall Completely Shut Down By Angry Protesters (VIDEO)


The recent shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith, who was shot five times by police who claimed he was armed, has sparked outrage and protests throughout the country. Smith was shot by Jason Stockley, who thought he’d witnessed Smith participate in a drug transaction. Prosecutors have also accused Stockley of planting a gun in Smith’s car.

In addition to Stockley’s use of excessive force, the fact that he was acquitted by a judge earlier this week has set off even more protests, including one taking place today at the St. Louis Galleria mall. Demonstrators have been circling the main level of the mall, which has been shut down since the protest began.

The St. Louis County Police Department issued dispersal orders just after 1 p.m. on Saturday and said that arrests were imminent.

Several arrests have occurred since the orders were issued, but an exact count has not been given.

Footage of the protest, which was shared by activist Shaun King on Facebook, can be seen below.

This is the second demonstration to take place at the mall this week. Protesters gathered outside on Wednesday after meeting at Shaw Park.