BREAKING: 9 Hit During Horrific ‘Mass Casualty’ Shooting At Local Church Service


The American obsession with gun violence claimed yet another life this Sunday morning when, presumably following church services, a gunman opened fire on a group of mostly elderly churchgoers atĀ Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee.

NBC News is reporting that besides the one so far confirmed as deceased, eight others were wounded. One of the wounded was “pistol whipped,” according to local authorities, while the other seven were shot — and one of those shot includes the attacker, although it’s unclear how they ended up wounded, whether from police or by their own hand.

The local fire department called the incident a “mass casualty situation” and tweeted that all of the wounded have been transported to local hospitals.

There is no apparent word as to the identity of any of those involved, including the victims and the shooter. The fire department does note that only one of the wounded is under the age of 60, but it’s unclear if that’s the shooter or not.

The area around the church has reportedly been shut down, with local authorities continuing their very much still ongoing investigation. Safe church goers are reportedly still being questioned by police as of early Sunday afternoon.

Even though the president would no doubt be quick to respond to this incident if it could be exploited to further his agenda, he has yet to respond to the shooting.

As this is a breaking story, check back for updates.