Karl Rove Goes On ‘Fox News Sunday’ & Calls Trump A ‘Loser’ LIVE On Air (VIDEO)


Making it very clear exactly where his loyalties lie, the president commented last Friday night that the “sons of bitches” on NFL teams who kneel during the national anthem as a form of protest against racial injustice should be fired.

He has stuck by pushing this idea in the days since his initial comments, tweeting repeatedly to the same effect, including a call for fans to boycott games over the protest.

On Sunday, longtime GOP strategist Karl Rove weighed in on the president’s comments while appearing on Fox News, and he was harsh and yet on point in his assessment, calling him a “loser” in terms of this back and forth.

If you’re a Republican president and you’ve lost Karl Rove, how far gone are you?

Trump’s comments have sparked wide criticism, since for him as the president to presume to decide what speech should be allowed and what shouldn’t cast him as little more than a second-rate racist dictatorial leader.

As Juan Williams began on the program featuring Rove, the convergence of issues represented by the president’s comments “has now created sports as a platform for the discussion of race in the country,” and it’s no doubt not about to go away just because the president is “playing politics.”

Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal commented on the same program saying the president barely even comes across as knowing what he’s doing — even among the supporters — since this was “not the best time to have this fight” considering the impending items on his agenda.

Rove brought this idea full circle, commenting after Strassel:

‘The president has two very valuable assets, his time and his voice, and this president wastes it when he engages in things like this… He could have come away the winner. Instead, he is walking away from this a loser in the minds of the American people… He ought to be an aspirational figure. He should not be a condemnatory figure.’

As Rove explained, the president could have reached out and said he respects players’ right to protest, but he finds it important to stand for the flag for reasons A, B, and C — but nope, instead he just cursed at them and said they should be fired. That’s not the winning side.

Watch the video below.


Featured Image via Screenshot from the video.