White House Caught In Painfully Ironic Private Email Scandal; Kushner Is Busted


When President Trump was merely a presidential nominee, he sure had a lot to say about Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server. To this day you can log onto Twitter and browse the president’s page and find many tweets in which he is STILL on Clinton’s case for her emails.

In what can only be described as irony, the president’s son in law was just caught doing the very thing that Trump had given Hilary flack over for so long.

Jared Kushner, an adviser to the president, is reported to have used a private email account, which was set up by Kushner during the transition period, to communicate with other officials within the Trump administration regarding official White House business.

Various topics were discussed via Kushner’s private account, including media planning and event coverage. Kushner has been in contact with multiple White House officials from his private account since President Donald Trump came into office in January. Those who have communicated with Kushner through this avenue include former chief of staff Reince Priebus, former chief strategist Steve Bannon, National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, and spokesman Josh Raffel. In many cases, these various White House officials have sent the first message to Kushner.

Abbe Lowell, one of Kushner’s lawyers, issued a statement on Sunday, saying:

‘Mr. Kushner uses his White House email address to conduct White House business. Fewer than 100 emails from January through August were either sent to or returned by Mr. Kushner to colleagues in the White House from his personal email account. These usually forwarded news articles or political commentary and most often occurred when someone initiated the exchange by sending an email to his personal rather than his White House address.’

It appears Kushner has not shared any sensitive or classified material through his personal account. Reports state that it does not seem as if Kushner relies on the use of his private email over his White House account when conducting government business. Many aides stated that Kushner prefers not to use email, and that he would rather communicate through phone calls or over text messaging.

White House colleagues familiar with Kushner’s usage of a private email state that it was mostly intended for personal communications.  Sources also state that Kushner sometimes used the email to get in contact with friends outside of the White House regarding the president and his administration. However, Lowell stated that Kushner has forwarded all of the emails sent on the private account to his main government account, in accordance with record-keeping requirements.

Aside from the hypocritical aspect of it all, private email traffic among White House aides could very well skirt the requirements of the Presidential Records Act, which requires that all documents related to the president’s personal and political life be saved to an archive.

With the scrutiny that Kushner has been under during the ongoing Russia investigations, Kushner’s private email’s may be the next thing looked at by the FBI and congressional investigators.

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