Trump Admits He Thinks He’s Going To Be Killed By Black People & It Is Hilarious


Donald Trump has always had a thing for provocative nonsense. His racial views have been in the news lately thanks to his comments about the NFL, having told a crowd assembled to support Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange last Friday that the “sons of bitches” who kneel during the national anthem at NFL games to protest the treatment of African Americans should be fired.

That’s not apparently where the nonsense ends. A tape of a conversation between Trump and longtime provocative radio host Howard Stern has come out in which the businessman seems open to the suggestion that if he ended up on a presidential ticket alongside Oprah Winfrey, then perhaps African Americans would want to kill him so that Oprah could become president.

Trump was, at the time of his 1999 conversation with Howard Stern live on the latter’s radio show, running for president under the banner of the Reform Party, a minor party founded by Ross Perot. Trump had apparently suggested at one point that he could take talk show host Oprah Winfrey as his running mate.

To this, Stern commented:

‘I’ve heard a lot of white guys say they’re very nervous if you run with Oprah because then [African Americans] will kill you, so Oprah can become president.’

At that point, someone who seems to be Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers commented to Howard, “You think black people will kill Donald?”

Stern then said:

‘I don’t think that. That is what these horrible racists are thinking. Can you imagine?’

Trump skipped around actually weighing in on what he thought of that racist characterization of African Americans, simply stating instead:

‘Well, I guess there’s some racism out there. On occasion you do see racism, there’s no doubt about it.’

Before Trump actually chimed in verbally, it sounds on the tape like he was laughing. It’s worth noting that those comments from the eventual president are the closest thing to a public acknowledgment of racism to come from his lips for some time.

Since Trump has, obviously, gone on to actually win the White House from his ill-fated 1999 run, who knows — perhaps an Oprah presidency is in the cards. It’s not as though the Democrats have a star candidate lined up to take Trump on in 2020.

Listen to the relevant audiotape from the Howard Stern Show below.

Featured Image via BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images