Trump’s Post-NFL Rant Approval Poll Results In; Get Ready For An All-Out Meltdown


Trump’s presidency has been overwhelmingly marked by racism and bigotry, an unwillingness to believe in science and act on pressing issues like climate change, tense relations with North Korea, and a general incompetence to handle both international and domestic issues that are strongly affecting our nation.

Now, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll has come out showing that 66 percent of Americans think Trump has done more to divide than unite the country. Similarly, 59 percent of Americans do not think Trump has brought “needed change” to the country while 39 percent disagreed.

Even though Trump’s approval slightly increased for September, it is only a 39 percent approval rating with 57 percent disapproving. According to ABC News:

‘But Trump faces equal difficulties at home. His approval rating is the lowest of any president at eight months in office in polling back 71 years. The public by 66-28 percent says he’s done more to divide than to unite the country, considerably worse than the highest “divide” scores for his two predecessors, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, both 55 percent.’

No president has received this low of an approval rating since Harry Truman. Trump’s approval ratings differ on various issues – 62 percent disapprove of his handling of immigration, 49 percent disapprove of how he is handling the economy, and his ratings were higher for how he has handled the recent hurricanes with 70 percent approving.

Graph via ABC News/Washington Post Polls

Another big finding in this poll found that most Americans trust U.S. military leaders to handle North Korea more than they trust Trump to do so – a large 72 percent majority said they trust U.S. military leaders and only 37 percent trust the president on the matter. The poll showed that 84 percent of Americans view North Korea as a threat, which is also a telling statistic.

As for a general breakdown, ABC News reports:

‘Notably, Trump does less well, even in his higher support groups, on the question of whether he’s done more to unite or to divide the country. Sixty-six percent of Americans say the president is doing more to divide the country. That includes 61 percent of men, 58 percent of older Americans (50 and up, in this case), 62 percent of those without a college degree, nearly half of the rural population, 64 percent of suburbanites and 55 percent of whites — as well as four in 10 conservatives and three in 10 in his own party.’

Featured image by Oliver Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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