Sean Hannity Thinks Camera Is Off & Starts Vaping LIVE During ‘Fox News’ Segment (VIDEO)


Sean Hannity has long been a lightning rod for controversy, and it’s of his own doing for the most part. For instance, he has chosen to peddle for some time the nutty conspiracy theory that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was taken out by party leadership in an attempt to cover up his alleged ferrying of stolen emails to Wikileaks.

Now, here’s something that, while it may not be the most serious of a controversy, is certainly going to attract people’s interest.

There is always a certain interest in the question of what television personalities do behind the scenes. In the case of television personality turned president, Donald Trump, for instance, there has long been talk about tapes from behind the scenes of The Apprentice that supposedly show him making objectionable comments about African Americans and women.

Now, a behind the scenes clip posted to Twitter by actor Harry Shearer from Sean Hannity’s show puts on display just how the controversial host takes the edge off the stress that comes with his job — he vapes! Not only does he vape, but he also uses one of those cheap vape pens made to look like an actual cigarette.

The stress that Hannity addresses with his vaping is no doubt compounded by the fact that his network is a wreck thanks to the revelation of sex scandal after sex scandal, all involving women pressured to keep their mouths shut about the harassment they were facing in some cases for years. Thanks to his proximity to the now deceased former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, who came to be known as the Bill Cosby of the media, Hannity’s own former staffer, Bill Shine, recently got fired.

Perhaps other Fox hosts rush to take puffs from vape pens during segment breaks too. In the clip posted to Twitter by Shearer, Hannity says “Watch this,” no doubt referring to a clip his show was about to air, before he relaxes, looks around, and whips out his vape pen. He takes a drink of water, adjusts his shirt, and then voila — it’s apparently time to go live again, as the anchor sits up straight and looks straight ahead.

It’s worth noting that although vaping is less objectionable than smoking regarding smell, it does leave a smell in the air, and Hannity is, of course, doing his apparent vaping indoors.

Check out the video below.

Featured image via screenshot from the video