Massive Anti-Trump Billboard Hits California’s Trademark Bay Bridge (IMAGE)


Those who oppose the president are not ones to generally keep their opinions quiet. Why should they? It’s not as though the president ever tries to temper his own belligerence.

A billboard that went up on the side of the Bay Bridge that goes from Oakland to San Francisco at the beginning of this week and will apparently stay up through at least next Sunday carries a straightforward message — Donald Trump should be impeached. The billboard, featuring a dark photo of the president, the word “Impeach,” and a web address to a petition calling for the impeachment of the president, is the work of the Courage Campaign, led by Eddie Kurtz.

Kurtz intends to try and keep the successive bouts of outrage over the president’s behavior from dying down. It’s admittedly a long shot effort, considering how staunchly committed to the president most Republicans in Congress are, but Kurtz is determined.

As he explained:

‘There’s this pattern that seems to repeat: Trump does something absolutely unacceptable, unethical, just the thing you could never imagine even the worst of our previous presidents doing. There’s this wave of outrage — it happened after Charlottesville, it happened even before he was elected when he admitted to sexually assaulting women — and then it settles down and his base is still with him.’

With the president’s approval rating currently down in the dumps — to put it lightly — and with almost 100,000 people having allegedly signed the Courage Campaign’s online petition, Kurtz certainly seems to be tapping into very real outrage.

In the past, Kurtz’s organization fought against a 2008 proposition that sought to ban same sex marriage in California.

Those pushing directly for the president’s impeachment are fewer than those who are trying to hold him accountable for other missteps. For example, Trump is facing rounds of lawsuits over his continued connections to his businesses, which fly in the face of ethics precedents for the office of the presidency.

As Saint Mary’s College political professor Steve Woolpert commented, it’s not particularly likely that the Republican Congress will get on board with impeaching the president, unless there is some over-the-top, glaring indication of wrongdoing on his part.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is currently leading the federal government’s arm of the investigation into the president’s team for possible crimes connected to Trump’s rise to power, including possible collusion with the Russian government’s efforts to influence the 2016 election. That investigation, as it is still ongoing, could produce evidence that leaves the president no choice but to leave office.

Check out an image of the new San Francisco area billboard below.

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Featured Image via The Asahi Shimbun/ Getty Images