New Incriminating Documentary Details Trump’s Illegal Money Laundering Schemes


Back in May, a 45-minute documentary titled “The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, Part 1: The Russians” aired for the first time. The documentary, produced by Zembla, was the first installment in an investigative reporting series that bravely did what no American network would ever do, and thoroughly looked at the organized crime links and corrupt international business strategies used by Trump and his partners in his properties.

The second installment looked at Trump’s links to Kremlin-connected diamond dealers.

Now, Zembla has come out with a third installment titled “The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, Part III: The Multibillion-Dollar Fraud.” Sander Rietveld, the director of the film, said:

‘We wanted to know in depth how money was transferred from Kazakhstan to the United States and how this could relate to Donald Trump, the Trump Organization and Trump’s real estate. We investigated hundreds of company records, court documents in the U.S., Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Belize, etc., and interviewed dozens of sources. The result is a follow-the-money documentary revealing the connections between several people in Trump’s orbit and an alleged multibillion-dollar fraud. Also the pivotal role of the Netherlands as an offshore haven gets attention. With Dutch help, Kazakh oligarchs allegedly were able to divert and launder huge amounts of money.’

On Tuesday, one of the international financiers profiled in the film went to court to try to stop the airing of the documentary, but the judge turned down his request. The filmmakers detail the flow of money from Russia to Trump’s real estate business ventures. According to Alternet:

‘The filmmakers found that money taken out of Kazakhstan by energy oligarchs was used to buy some of Trump’s high-end Manhattan apartments and was also used to create the business partnership, called Bayrock, for Trump’s SoHo Tower project.’

James Henry, a financial industry investigative reporter and editor at, who is featured in the film said:

‘The significant thing is they have got the Kazakh government saying that Bayrock was a money launderer for these guys. What is interesting, if [special counsel Robert] Mueller wants to take a look at this, is we have [Trump’s mob-connected business partner] Felix Sater laundering criminal money.’

Under The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, it is a crime to launder money tied to prior illegal acts. The documentary shows how investing in Trump’s Soho Tower included concealing illegal money-laundering activities. U.S. financial law requires this to be disclosed to investors, but Trump did not tell them any of it, which Henry says is “a continuing cover-up of money laundering.”

A summary of film explains:

‘In the last few months Zembla received indications of a greater fraud, A billion-dollar fraud. And here Sater, Trump’s questionable business partner shows up, as well. The money trail leads to Kazakhstan, to real estate projects in New York and again to the Netherlands. Zembla investigates: How compromising is this case for the current president of America?’

Mueller certainly doesn’t need the help of Zembla’s film but it is notably worthy of his time and research – Let’s see how this adds to his current investigation.

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