Trump Millennial Approval Poll Complete – The Results Have W.H. On Tantrum Watch


For some reason, Donald Trump has no interest in bringing the country together. Quite the contrary, he actively works to be divisive. The president went after the war hero, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, who is fighting brain cancer. He played strictly to his base in his recent Alabama rally. Trump antagonized the Republican House and Senate leadership, and even went after the NFL. Yet, does he ever question the consequences of his actions?

Columnist for the Washington Examiner and pollster, Kristen Soltis Anderson, was on Morning Joe to talk about the first NBC News/GenForward Survey. She said that a crucial voting group, the Millennials, are very negative about both the Republican and Democratic parties:

‘These numbers are bleak all around and show that this is a generation that looks at politics and thinks, this is disgusting and they want nothing to do with it, and I frankly don’t blame them.’

The survey showed that the great majority of millennials, 64 percent, believed that the president has been doing a poor job. That number rose dramatically to 79 percent among African Americans, 78 percent among Asian Americans, and 77 percent among Latino Americans. Overall, only 21 percent approved of Trump’s job, and 15 percent neither approved nor disapproved.

NBC News/Gen Forward Survey.

When asked about whether the millennials believed the party “cares about people like you,” 53 percent said the Democratic Party did and 46 percent said it did not. Only 30 percent of Millennials believed that the Republican Party cared about them. A gripping 69 percent said that the Republican Party did not care about them.

NBC News/Gen Forward Survey.

When the NBC News/Gen Forward survey asked white millennials their opinion of the two parties, only 33 percent of them had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party, 54 percent had an unfavorable rating, and 13 percent did not know. The figures were nearly identical when white millennials described their feelings about the Republican Party. They had a 33 percent favorability rating, 53 percent unfavorable rating, and 12 percent did not know.

NBC News/Gen Forward Survey.

The NBC News/Gen Forward survey interviewed adults between the ages of 18 and 34, and the random sample size was 1,816 interviewees. It was conducted from August 31 through September 16 and had a margin of error of 3.8 +/- percentage points.

Watch the Morning Joe segment about the survey below:

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