Fox News Blames Obama For Trump Cabinet’s Private Plane Usage; Backfires Beautifully


On Friday, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price abruptly resigned, following the revelation that he’d been using costly private planes to get around and billing the associated massive costs to the government. The usage of these planes was completely unnecessary, and the revelations to that effect drew wide criticism, even, apparently, from the president.

Price’s departure came at the tail end of a long list of high profile departures from the Trump Administration.

Fox News has long proven itself willing to go to pretty much any lengths to defend the Trump Administration, and the aftermath of the announcement of Price’s departure from D.C. was no different. Fox News ran a story¬†Friday detailing private plane usage by Obama Administration officials — but none of the Obama Administration officials mentioned were the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Instead, all those mentioned were required by law to use private planes because of their position. In other words — somewhat unsurprisingly — the Fox article is making a pointless comparison that might as well be apples to oranges to make a point.

As journalist Yashar Ali summed it up on Twitter:

‘FNC is airing a segment that includes [Obama Defense Secretary Leon] Panetta’s jet use.. but he was Def Sec and required by law to fly on AF aircraft. Just like Mattis.’

Other Obama Administration officials mentioned by Fox include former U.S. Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and former FBI Director — and present Special Counsel for the Russia investigation — Robert Mueller.

The article itself even states plainly and simply that the officials mentioned were required by law to fly on private aircraft. In other words, Fox’s point falls flat — but they certainly don’t seem to care. Perhaps the so-called news organization simply hopes that their readers don’t read past the headline.

Considering what we know about the president and the recurrent lack of depth to his rhetoric, it’s no wonder that he openly touts Fox as his favorite cable news station time and time again, even though they regularly peddle blatantly biased stories.

Check out Twitter’s response to Fox News’ latest flub below.

Featured Image via Andy Kropa/Getty Images